Website Not Driving Customers? Is your website performance optimized?

webiste not driving

The business website is the centre of attraction for your target customer. It presents information about you business, services, products and many more business events and news. It is being a gateway for the customers to expose your bands.

‘Have you ever worry about website performance optimization? Have you get reported about website speed? Do you know your website getting bounce rate? Have you got any valid query from your website?’’

If you have these in your mind
  1. Not sure what you are talking about!
  2. Not explain more about it?

then this article is for you.

website developers consider the overall development,design, content, search engine optimization and many more factors. But, super important factor is performance optimization.

Let me tell you a few facts

More than 40% of your website traffic/customers bouncing because of your website loading time.

Most of the web development company in malaysia is not taking care of the performance optimization.

The website must be upgraded and re-optimized periodically for good performance.

Importance of Performance Optimization

Web Page Loading Speed Matters

  • Google takes in account of the website loading speed to determine the google ranking.
  • Increasing mobile usability is a big factor. So website must be load and compatible with mobile devices.
  • To reduce website bounce rate, webmasters must keep website speed optimized.
Website & Hosting Stability
  • The server where the website hosted is important. Since there will be times when your website has more traffic than normal. So server can handle the speed and volume of visitors..
  • It is important to maintain website by updating the framework or the core libraries, plugins to improve the stability. Upgraded website reduce the risk of hacking other incompatibility issue.
  • Most of the website developers don’t give an important to hosting server capability and websites hosted in a shared server. It is equal to ready to travel in the flight among many different fighters groups those who fight using guns.

Yes, It is!

If any one of the websites hacked or abused in the shared hosting then it affect other sites as well.

Performance Optimization is really a super important!

You can get website tailored and launched. Really Business owners do not know why it does not work driving customers! Major factor is performance.

Know your performance optimization checklist with specialist in the industry.

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