Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

2020 Marketing Budget! Invest Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing?

Twenty-tens are the business era of transforming the marketing from traditional to digital!
So It is difficult to make decisions before start investing in to marketing!

We hope this article will be informative to take decision to reach WIN WIN situation in the business market 2020.

In particular, Digital Marketing is similar to Traditional Marketing. Digital Marketing includes things like websites, social media mentions, videos, ads. Whereas traditional Marketing includes posters, commercials on TV and radio, billboards and brochures.

Every Business allocate a marketing budget but making sure you get a good return on your investment.
That’s why it makes sense to focus only on best channels and methods of marketing that are more likely to give you the value for your money.

Business Owners can see in all sizes taking advantage of digital marketing over the offline marketing methods like print advertising due to the lower cost to entry. Plus the fact that print ads can help build brands, digital marketing can help a company develop a bridge to promote effectively. And with a much smaller budget!

Yes, Possible! If you have doubt! Please go through this tableur info

From the age of Traditional Business to Modernised Digital Business
Elements Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing
Audience The Business reaches its audience at local With the traditional way of advertising. People find a particular business by referrals and eventually build a relationship with them. The Business reaches its audience across the Globe With digital channels. People join Business with the online presence and followers converted into customers.
Accessibility The business access the marketing strategy of 4P (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) to reach their audience in the market. The business utilises the latest digital trends (Website, Social media, emails) to reach their audience in the market.
Engagement Engagement may be the biggest drawback as the ability to engage with customers is less. Follow-ups on those people who are interested but are still willing to buy. Digital engagement has the ability to engage with customers at a high rate. Follow-ups on the people are tracked effectively, leading them to buy.
Cost and ROI Traditional marketing is more expensive with TV Ads, Radio, Display Ads, etc. It is tricky to measure the Return on Investment from Traditional marketing which is low compared to Digital marketing. Digital marketing is cost effective by investing in Social Media, Emails, etc. It quite easy to measure the Return on Investment from Digital marketing which is high compared to Traditional marketing.

So, before starting to invest make sure which one fits to your target customer and budget.

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